Close to the Clouds is the 2nd album of the band ’UNDER A BANNER’ and was released in August 2014 after a big pledge campaign. You can read more about the process of writing this album in the little Q&A I did with Adam.

The album is containing 13 powerful songs with intelligent lyricism written by Adam Broadhurst.

Songs like “Out like a light” or for example “I hate this place” are packed with heavy drum play perfect fitting e- guitar and a powerful voice.

The album is composed with a good mixture between powerful songs, ballads like “City alone” and fast pieces like “ Me and my machine”. The last song “Festival of light” closes the album perfectly after you’ve listened to a festival of music.

UNDER A BANNER shows a big variety of instruments ,great lead voice switching between soft an warm tones and powerful and strong sounds.

This band absolutely knows how to make great music presented with intelligent lyrics.

I picked out a few songs to present them to you.

First of all, first track on the album ’Out like a light’ starts with heavy drum beats, semi acoustic guitar chords a strong lead voice and powerful backing vocals.During listening to that song you feel like on a boat, stormy weather on the sea and all the sailors singing the chorus: “up away and all away”.

A big variety of instruments and the chanting is filling this song with lots of emotions.

The third song and also the album title is called ’Close to the clouds’. This song starts with great atmospheric nature sounds then a beautiful acoustic guitar play accompanied by Adam’s voice.

It’s about how we should see the nature and world surrounding us, and how to broaden your horizon and not to be influenced by what media tells us about our world.

In a little chat Adam told me about the song ’Numbers’ which caught my attention already in the beginning, when Adam send me a few songs to listen to before the album came out.

He told me of the song being about the government and the health system and just being treated as a number in the system and not being seen as an individual person any more.

This sociocritical song is a very folkish piece on the album with fast accoustic and e-guitar lines and fitting drum beats.

The last track on the album ,called ’Festival of light’ is a peaceful song presented by Adam’s warm and soft voice. With a beautiful, slow guitar play this song is one of my favourites and will have a special place in my winter and Christmas playlist by now.

This album is definitely a big masterpiece of ’UNDER A BANNER’. An album, which shows a big variety of instruments, moods, slower and faster songs,quieter and louder tones,ballads and rock songs!

’UNDER A BANNER’ knows how to do music and transport their message through the lyrics and well composed instrumental play.

As a listener you can feel the passion and the love the guys put into this album!

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